Friday, June 20, 2014


Being blonde was fun, but a lot of work!

It took me a LONG TIME to decide I wanted to go blonde. I had visions of rust colored locks and that always scared me away from it. For a few years prior to the first lightening process, I had grown my hair out, and you could say it was “re-virginized,” so I was all set with a full head of healthy hair, and ready to go! I stayed light for almost two years until just recently, when I dyed my hair a dark brown because, to be honest, it needs a really long break from all the chemicals. So for those of you who have blonde ambitions like I did, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Make sure your hair is in good shape. A good stylist will refuse to bleach your hair if he thinks your locks can't handle it. For a few months prior, make sure you get frequent hair treatments or apply masques at home, and try to refrain from heat styling as much as possible.
  • Don't go from black to platinum in one go. A better option would be to go from black to brown to lighter brown, and then getting high and low lights gradually until you reach your desired color. It may take awhile but at least you can keep your hair healthy in the process.
  • Make sure you get trims in between, to get rid of dry ends because the lighter your hair is, the more obvious it is when it is dry or unhealthy.
  • Do yourself a favor and invest in silver toned shampoo. It will get rid of the yucky brassiness that it usually a problem for naturally dark haired people who decide to go blonde.
  • Figure out what kind of blonde suits your skin tone. Your friend might look great platinum, but a honey blonde might look better on you. Your stylist can give you advice.
  • Don't get any other chemical treatments done while maintaining your blonde locks, unless you are ok with the possibility that your hair might break off. 

My different shades of blonde (in a span of almost TWO years!) I loved every minute of it, but I'm happy to be back to black for now!

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