Friday, June 27, 2014


I won't even pretend and say I'm an occasional drinker, because then I'd have to explain the 6 bottles of wine I have in my fridge at any given time, and the half full ones of several harder types of alcohol on my kitchen counter. Having said this, I do have my preferences, and that is usually vino (in case you haven't guessed) and the different versions of the good ol' G&T (that's Gin & Tonic for you non-alcoholics out there) (P.S. How do you do it?!) This week though, I decided to re-open my bottle of Henny and experiment. I had guava juice in the fridge and some pineapple wedges and decided to roll with that. The result? Pretty darn good. Tastes like something you'd sip by the beach, like the Pina Colada's Gangsta cousin or Orange Julius on his 21st birthday.

Happy Friday! You deserve this! Here's how to make it:

I'm not a bar tender, so I used measuring cups! Ha!

1/3 cup Hennessy
1/2 cup Guava Juice
6 fresh Pineapple chunks
1/2 Fresh Orange
2 ice cubes

How to:

  • Throw everything in the blender and pulse until ice had broken down
  • Puree until well combined
  • Pour into an Old Fashioned liquor glass (or whatever glass, really. It's all I had because for some reason, I found a glass of Jack & Coke in my car after a night out a few years ago. Sorry Prive!)
  • Garnish with an orange wedge and down that bitch! (Just kidding! Sip it and enjoy!)

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