Friday, June 20, 2014


There is no better way of ending a long work week, than with a well-deserved drink of something that is going to help you unwind, and taste delish at the same time. A big tequila-drinker myself, but not a huge fan of girly drinks, but when I do feel like having something rewarding and special, I almost always opt for Patron Silver. And green apple being one of my favorite things to put into a blender, I just had to try this one for my first #TGIFTOAST.

INGREDIENTS (makes 1 margarita)

1 shot Patron Silver Tequila
1 half Granny Smith green apple
1 tsp honey

I recommend you keep your tequila in the fridge to keep it chilled, so you can avoid having to mix too much ice into it. But if the tequila isn’t chilled yet, you can add an ice cube into the blender with all the other ingredients. Garnish with two slices of green apple, and maybe top it off with a squeeze of lemon or lime on top.

Now THAT’S how you unwind and kick off your shoes to welcome in the weekend.


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