Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I started my fitness journey in January 2013. Though I was never overweight growing up, and was even a gymnast for half my life, I found myself at a weight I was not happy with at 33 years old. For three years, I immersed myself in my love for cooking and eating, which was all good and fun, especially since I ate whatever I wanted, until I realized that, OOPS, I forgot to exercise. My weight went up gradually, and I didn't even notice until I noticed I had gained 15 pounds and was on the heavy end of my ideal weight for my height. I panicked and embarked on a quest to shed the pounds, but more importantly, keep them off AND make fitness and health into a lifestyle.

I will get into details of my weight loss and fitness journey in another blog post, but the first thing I did was change my diet, because working out will not do anything if you are still eating more than you are burning, and if all your calories come from sugar and bad food. I tried to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and superfoods such as chia seeds and flax seeds into my diet, cut out fried food and tried to lessen my sodium and sugar intake. Problem with me is I am not a huge fan of vegetables. I can eat it, but sometimes a big plate of it seems way too much for me. 

I had to figure out a way to get all my veggies in without making it such a chore. Someone suggested raw smoothies so I thought to give it a go. At first, the thought of things like celery, with it's strong flavor, in liquid form grossed me out, but upon trying it (I tried the raw green smoothies from RAWLICIOUS) I realized that the combination of the fruit and vegetables actually worked. I tasted mostly the sweetness of the fruits added (mostly pineapple, banana or watermelon) and even if there was some flavors in there brought by the veggies, they weren't that strong. Luckily, for my birthday, I got a Nutri Bullet as a present so I now make my own green smoothies at home.

What are the advantages of drinking raw smoothies? 
  • While juicing offers nutrients from fruits and vegetables, you do not get the fiber in them. Smoothies allow you to get both.
  • It's a great way to eat your vegetables without too much effort.
  • It's cheap. You can buy a whole lot of fruits and vegetables at the grocery and mix and match as you please. A serving will cost you less than a fast food hamburger, and will be so much healthier!
  • Kids love them too! You may have to add a bit of extra honey, although I find the fruits make them sweet enough.
  • Green smoothies balance out the sugar content of eating only fruits. It provides a whole lot of energy that will last you long periods of time with out the sugar crash.

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