Monday, July 14, 2014


"How do I get abs?" is a continuous battle we all face. I myself am a firm believer in having a strong core firstly.. but the common mistake we all make, is striving for having abs, rather than focusing on building strength. Well, I tell you, if you want to look ripped around your midsection, that part is easy. 200 crunches every day, 200 suicide planks. Combined with cardio, I guarantee, your muscles will surface with just those moves alone. But having a strong core is a whole 'nother ball-game. 

Here are 3 workouts that will build your core as well as the rest of your body, while being fun. Don't let the ballet barre, or the stripper pole and the "dance" moves fool you.. some of the women I know, who master these workouts, are stronger than the men I see bench-pressing and lifting while making loud noises in gyms.


A barre class can vary from floor exercises, to poses with weights and stretches on the barre, a handrail that runs around almost the entire room. Barre was derived from the practices of ballet professionals, using the rail for support, especially when balancing on just one leg - it is great for posture (something I need badly) and a great workout for your legs and core especially, just be sure to tell your instructor when you have knee problems.

BARRE3 Philippines has several branches around Metro Manila, for more info visit their website


Now, for a workout-snob like myself, Zumba didn't sound like it would be up my alley at all. Let's just put it this way, my mother does Zumba.. But after lots of research, it became clear that the dance elements combined with fast-paced aerobic movements, can be fun. Especially after a long day of stress at work, Zumba burns more calories than your dancing around your apartment furiously, in your underpants, while blasting Sia's "Chandelier".

MOVEMENT DANCE STUDIO offers Zumba classes at Podium Mall in Ortigas. Check out for more details.


Let's be honest here - every single one of us has wondered how well they would do in trying to wrap themselves around a pole. This isn't even about doing it for the boys, but about proving to yourself how strong you can actually be, physically, all while suspended by your legs, looking like a graceful little diva. Admit it. And based on what I have seen people do on these poles.. they are some of the fittest people I have seen. And oh yeah.. stronger than most men out there, that's for sure.

POLE ACADEMY is the best place to unleash your inner Demi Moore.. like their page for updates on classes and performances.

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