Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BB, CC & DD cream? #LikeSo

So I'm sure you are like, what on earth is DD cream?? Yes kids, skincare technology is advancing so fast, that there is a new product on the market everytime you blink. I myself am a dedicated BB cream fan, because I really don't like caking on the foundation, and I have dry skin, so powders I use in moderation. It is important to find the right product for your skin type, so I'm going to once and for all clear up what the difference is between these products.


BB creams offer a light coverage, which comes in handy when you are trying to cover up uneven skin. They are supposed to double as a moisturizer and light foundation, but do not offer enough to replace your standard moisturizer, so I use one underneath the BB cream.


Now, the main difference between a BB and a CC, is the fact that the CC creams carry an additional boost in vitamins that can hide your skin imperfections because they contain light-diffusing ingredients. The antioxidants in CC creams make it an ideal choice for those who are trying to better the quality of their skin.


My personal opinion is, don't believe the hype about this one. It isn't much more than the BB or the CC cream, it just offers additional ingredients that help prevent moisture loss, and usually contain additional SPF. If you have extremely dry skin though, this might be a good one to try.. otherwise, just use a great moisturizer, slap on some BB cream and you're all set!

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  1. Replies
    1. I use a BB cream that I buy at a drugstore in Germany. It's called CadeaVera Face 25+ and I'm obsessed with it. Most BB creams dry my skin massively, especially when I am in Europe. I also use the matching CadeaVera Face 25+ 24hr moisturizer, and face wipes. I think it is important to try different products until you find a set that works for you. The best thing about this product is that it's dirt cheap.. I have tried high-end products, but find that there are just too many perfumes and chemicals, and I either get allergies or adverse effects.

  2. Do you put on powder over your BB cream?

    1. I don't usually use powder, because the BB cream I use, absorbs into my skin pretty well. On days when it's extremely humid, I use a tissue to remove shine, if necessary.. powder can make your skin look cakey, if you're not careful. If your skin is oily, try using a loose powder, lightly dust on your T-Zone to reduce shine, leave out the cheeks, a little glow can make you look fresh!