Thursday, July 3, 2014


A "Bouchon," I was told by our host Anna Soenen, is a traditional restaurant in Lyon, France's food capital. It is not a fancy place, and was, in fact, the preferred fare of silk workers back in the 18th century. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and more often than not, many of bouchons' patrons most likely personally know the owner.

Food is passed around, almost "Family-style" wherein you take what you want and pass it over to the next table. Typically,  you have an unlimited choice of salads, pates, meats, soup, fish, offal and desserts and prices cost as much as one dish in some higher end restaurants (Ahem, Paris!)

Brasserie Ciciou decided to bring this experience to Manila for a limited time. For only P1700, you have an unlimited amount of 6 kinds of salads, including my favorites- the Salad of Pork with Onions and Vinaigrette, French Beans and Vinaigrette, and Potato Salad with Smoked Fish in Olive Oil,  and unlimited Charcuterie and Pate ( The pork head and pork rillette are yummo!) You also get to pick from a typical main course. I got Coq au Vin, which is comfort food to me (and their version is so nice and rich and OMG I wanted to take it home and nuzzle my face in it to help me sleep) but they also have other lesser known dishes such as Tablier de Sapeur (Ox tripe coated in herbed bread crumbs) Boudouille (Blood sausage and Andouillette) and Fish Quennnelle. I tried a little bit of everything, and there's definitely something for all tastes.

For an extra P500, you get a cheese platter with your meal but we went straight to dessert. Did I mention this is unlimited as well? Choose a few (or heck try them all) among your choices of Creme Caramel, Floating Island, Tarte a la Praline, Choux Chantilly, and Le Bougnes de Lyon with Strawberry Coulis and Apple Compote.

Needless to say, I ROLLED all the way home and straight into bed. It was one of those nights I fell asleep with my clothes on, which might also be due to the fact that Anna and her husband, Chef Cyrille, owner and namesake of the Brasserie made sure my wine (and later on Calvados and Eau de vie de Poire) glasses were never empty.

OMG, I need to go back and do that all over again.

Bouchon Lyonnais is available until August 2014. Call Brasserie Cicou at 6619200 for more info.

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