Thursday, July 24, 2014


Born with impossibly frizzy hair, I get fed up (on the regular) of having to travel back into imaginary time warps where I feel like the little 12 year old tomboy again, hair constantly out of place and maddeningly wild. A few years ago, I had re-bonded my hair, something that suited my lifestyle immensely, given that my hair had gotten so long, and living on the beach just made my curls turn into dread locks. But I was always frustrated about the fact that I couldn't just magic my hair back into waves on the days when I felt like it. Now with a bob, I love having a little volume in my 'do - but I am still fighting a seemingly neverending battle against the frizz. Enter my very brilliant idea to treat my damaged and over-abused locks to something I had only heard people mention in passing as a brilliant temporary solution, and the only way to treat and give chemically processed hair, a little boost.

What is a brazilian blowout?

A brazilian blowout is a temporary treatment that will minimize frizz and tame your locks, without depriving it of body. If you have curly hair, a blowout will give you waves, while already wavy hair will become straighter, in turn making your hair appear much healthier.

What is the difference between a brazilian blowout and re-bonding?

Rebonding is a more permanent process, whereas a brazilian blowout will last you only up to a couple of months more or less, maximum.

My hair had been dyed and processed, can I still get a brazilian blowout?

Yes! Absolutely. It will make your hair smoother and healthier, as opposed to other chemical treatments.

How long does it last?

Maintaining the effect of a brazilian blowout, you absolutely have to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate - the main reason why some of my friends complain about a blowout being "too temporary". An ingredient, if I may add, which is also a known carcinogen.. but widely used in almost every single shampoo produced.

Special thanks to Louis Philipp Kee Salon for making my hair more bearable for my trip!

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