Saturday, July 19, 2014

Circus School #WOOTW


When I was in San Francisco a couple months ago, I was eating less healthy than usual and definitely was not getting the work outs I needed to burn all those extra calories. I tried joining a gym while I was there, but I got bored running on the treadmill.

Out of boredom one day, I ended up googling "Circus School" to see if I could find something fun to do on my last few weeks. I found the Circus Center of San Francisco, a non-profit school taught by professional circus performers and ex- circus performers. I found a great deal at only $20 per class so I decided to sign up for a few.

Since I was used to be a gymnast, I thought maybe I could skip the introductory classes and go straight to the Beginner level ones, but I needed proof that I had experience in either gymnastics or circus arts. "Wow, this is hardcore," I thought to myself, and I had no idea how challenging the classes would actually be.

My first and favorite class was Intro to Tumbling. Here we first spent 20 minutes doing stretches, then we moved on to forward and backward rolls, kicks and jumps. We then moved on to cartwheels and headstands, and finally, round offs and front handsprings. I didn't think I still had it in me but I surprised myself by still being able to do many of the things I used to do. We had to do handstands with very little support and hold it for a minute, then do handstand push ups, walk forward, backwards and sidewards, yes still upside down!

I really wish someone would open something similar here in Manila. I went to four classes and I had so much fun. I wish I found that school sooner since I was in SF for two whole months! Next time I am abroad, I already know where I will be working out while on holiday! I've always wanted to run away with the circus!

For those going to the Northern Cali soon, you might wanna check it out: Circus Center San Francisco

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