Saturday, July 12, 2014


As a first time Pilates-doer, I definitely had my reservations about the workout - but they were drowned in my excitement to try something new. I liked the sound of a workout that was based around the core, because I can always judge my all-round fitness by how strong my core is. Being a kiteboarder, I am practically obliged to walk around all ab-tastic and strong, but living in the city has its disadvantages, and sadly, these days I am getting the most exercise when I am shuffling around my corner at the office, while sitting in my chair.

CoreSuspend is a workout developed by OptionsStudio to combine the benefits of Nurac treatments with a workout that focuses on building your core-strength - and is extremely fun! All the stretching and balancing combined, is supposed to leave you feeling taller, and toned up, both of which I absolutely felt after my session.

My favorite moves were the plank (for very obvious reasons) and an invert they kindly let me try. I'm sure I really looked like an upside down monkey, but I'm also thinking, that's what its probably supposed to look like, although at second glance, I should have probably tucked my butt in a little bit more.

OptionsStudio offers:

  • Pilates for sports conditioning
  • Pilates for leisure 
  • Pilates for postural correction (back pain, shoulder issues and many more.
  • Pilates for rehab clients (led by qualified physiotherapists)

Honestly, it was really hard to peel myself off the ropes, I was just monkeying around and having the time of my life, just as the next class was coming in. This now means I am seriously considering installing my own ropes in my apartment (DON'T TELL MY LANDLORD) haha

For more info (also about other branches)
2201 NAC Tower, 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


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