Thursday, July 24, 2014


"Corn Rice?" Yep, I had the same reaction when I first saw this at the supermarket. I am constantly trying out different kinds of rice to distract my daughter from her love of Japanese white rice. Brown rice is a staple, and lately I've switched to Black, but she doesn't like it and keeps asking to switch back to white. In the rice section of Rustan's Rockwell, you will find everything from white, brown, black, violet, pink, red and mixed grain rice. This corn rice caught my attention though, and claims to have a lower glycemic index than regular rice and zero cholesterol, so I thought, Why not?

Cooking this rice is a bit different. Instead of washing the grains and placing it with water in a rice cooker, you actually don't have to wash it, but the water needs to be boiling before adding the corn rice grains in. It also cooks a lot faster and is actually ready w/n ten minutes. It has the same consistency as brown rice, although a bit more al dente with a faint corn flavor. Lower GI means it's good for diabetics. It's also high in fiber and fills you up faster so you don't eat as much. I had it with bagoong-honey baked chicken so I have yet to see if it absorbs sauce.

Worth a try for the health conscious or for those who just like trying something new in the kitchen!

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