Tuesday, July 29, 2014


One of my pet peeves, is seeing somebody with mis-matched makeup. Let's go back to the basics; it is important to always always always know what your skin tone is. You can't possibly tackle natural beauty, by avoiding your own color.

I absolutely loathe when I see pinays wearing a foundation that is much lighter than their actual color. Why is this happening? What is the obsession with having lighter skin? No matter how much you bleach your skin, your features are Asian, the shape of your eyes, and nose will always tell the truth. Why even bother? Embrace the skin you were born in.

I have put together a collage to give you an example of how different skin tones can highlight your natural beauty. I myself change color according to season, and whether or not I have been getting more or less sun.. but I prefer myself in a darker shade. I just look healthier, and i really dig a perfect glow.

Starting from top left:

  • Porcelain - The holy grail for most Asians. Porcelain skin needs a lot of tending to - lots of SPF, and generally not recommended to do any kind of tanning at all. If you have Porcelain skin, you will burn in the sun, so make sure you cover up loads and use lots of moisturizer.. your tone is cool, meaning cooler colors will make your features pop.
  • Ivory - Natural ivory skin is beautiful, again, just like with porcelain skin, you should use lots of SPF - you might be prone to sun spots and freckles. Make sure you don't spend too much time in the sun without a hat. Ivory tones look great in hues of blues and greens.
  • Beige - Here's a skin tone that is a little more forgiving. Beige generally has a yellowish undertone. You should always use an SPF, but your skin will be a little more forgiving in the sun. Beige skin looks great in shades of red, orange and peach.
  • Olive - Olive tones is fairly common for Latinas and mixed skin, containing just a hint of a darker brown, meaning you can get away with using a bronzer, and looking like JLo. A hint of sun will give you a golden brown color, so break out the metallics, golds and rich reds to enhance your color.
  • Almond - Here's where I want to scream - so many Filipinas have that perfect golden brown skin that I myself have to work hard for.. and yet, they try to cover it up. Almond skin tans well, so an SPF 15 works on a day-to-day basis.. make sure you always use a great body lotion, because you don't want to look ashy. Almond skin tones look amazing in almost any brighter shade in my opinion, so don't be afraid to play with color.
  • Ebony - When I was living in Boracay, I would like to think that this was my color. I'm obviously delusional, but this skin tone looks so amazing in bright an neon colors, that it makes me (neon) green with envy. Take Solange, my spirit animal.. her instagram just kills me. And it is no secret that darker skin is less sensitive to sun damage.. meaning your skin wont age as easily. Winner!
The bottom line is, be proud of the skin you are in, and don't work so hard on changing it, but more on enhancing it. Become aware of your skin color, and dress and choose make-up accordingly. But most importantly, be comfortable in it. The grass is always greener on the other side, they say, but it doesn't have to be.

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