Thursday, July 10, 2014


Getting a FRINGE is the easiest way to update your look, even if you don't wanna chop of all your hair, or change color. It immediately changes your entire persona, making you look more cute and gamine-like (Think Audrey Hepburn), or sleek and sexy like Taylor Swift in the photo above. It does not matter your face shape, there is a style of bangs that will suit each and every person.

Ask your stylist what kind of bangs would suit you most. Bring pegs of your favorite stylistas or celebs who have hair that you love. TRY blunt bangs (thick and straight across, covering or just grazing the brow) side swept (great for rounder face shapes) long bangs (Like J. Law's above) or want to rebel and go cropped (like Dane's style inspo Sophia Amoruso) They take a bit more maintenance than a fringeless mane but if you are willing to take a few extra minutes for grooming every morning, why not?

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