Thursday, July 3, 2014


I'm so excited to share this product with you! So my genius of a cousin pioneered a new concept to make it even easier for us to eat healthy. HEALTHY MONSTERS provides you with salads in jars, with different recipes available, all delivered to your doorstep. I myself was supposed to only eat one per day, but I went through my stash in two days. The great thing about a good salad, is that with a little variety, you can't get sick of it. Healthy Monsters makes their own salad dressings too, and combine them with an array of fresh ingredients, to pretty much cover everybody's tastes.

I tried all 5 of the variants, here is the menu:

Asian salad ( Asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine ) 
Fiesta salad ( quinoa, Mexican dressing, cheese, grape tomato, romaine ) 
Nutty salad ( walnuts, almonds, grape tomato, arugula, romaine, strawberry vinaigrette dressing ) 
Chia Salad ( cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomato, romaine, chia seed dressing ) 
Skinny Caesar ( sunflower seeds, croutons, grape, tomato, cheese, romaine , skinny Caesar dressing ) 

It's really hard to choose a favorite, they're all really tasty, but I think my top picks are the Fiesta salad because who doesn't love quinoa and the Chia salad. And the Asian salad because the dressing is perfection. Tough choice.

Healthy Monsters has a minimum for deliveries, of 6 jars, at 190php per 720ml jar. 

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Tel: +63918 985 6323 for delivery.

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  1. Dont even dare to try this..the sellee is so unprofessional, i ordered 6 jars and pay for it in BPI, and no salad was deliver and until now she doesnt answer my calls and text for my refund..big liar!!!