Thursday, July 3, 2014


It is no secret that the plain white tee is an absolute staple. Every girl should own an array of them, in different sizes, cuts and materials. Everybody knows this, but not everybody takes advantage of how versatile this piece truly is, so here are my favorite ways to wear one. I could go on forever, but instead, I am thinking of maybe setting off a blogger contest or giveaway, to challenge the stylish bones in your body..

A plain white tee can make you look polished and comfortable with the right combos and accessories. My ultimate default outfit; for days when I am feeling lazy or simply don't have the time to try on 20 outfits before deciding on the first one; is the skinny-jean + loose white tee. Pair with a statement pair of shoes, a tailored jacket and your most movie-star sunnies and you're good to go. Extra points for an amazing matte lipstick!

Now excuse me while re-stock on white tees by trolling the internet today.

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