Saturday, July 26, 2014


One of the things I hate about living in an apartment, and not having a little garden, is that I don't have much space for outdoor workout activities - not to mention the tiny room they call a gym in my building.n It just limits your options, and I love love love the outdoors.

Jumping rope is an exercise I wish I could do more. When I was 12 years old, I announced to my parents that I wanted to become a professional boxer.. naturally, as you would. My stepdad provided me sparring materials, encouraged me to train - and really get into all the training methods professional boxers indulge in. 

Not many people are aware of this (and might still think that it is an activity for children) but jumping rope provides a great cardio workout. You can burn about 350 calories in a half hour, and if alternated with weights and stretches, can really provide you with all the basics of a full workout routine. Boxers use this method to cut weight, when prepping for a fight, in which they have to change into a specific weight bracket. I'm going to go easy on you today, so here is a video to help inspire you to walk into the next sports/ toy store and pick up a little rope for yourself.

This video is of these twins, who travelled the world and shot a video of them jumping rope, everywhere and anywhere. Now here's your challenge: buy a rope! Instagram and tag - and start skipping for 20-30n mins a day, until you can skip for longer.. if you have a garden, we can even have a little rope party..

Haha, ok that sounds suggestive - but I HAVE had quite a few drinks and maybe a bottle of wine or so.. All kidding aside, I seriously recommend this for all those who hate running! Can't wait to get some feedback about your first skipping experiences - and please tag us when you post evidence on instagram!

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