Saturday, July 5, 2014

KINESIS #WOOTW (Work Out of the Week)

Whenever I post these pictures on Instagram, I get inquiries from curious fitness-philes asking what exactly I am doing. I heard about Kinesis about a year ago through some friends, but never got around to trying it out because I was already spending too much time doing yoga and at the gym with my trainer. This year, the cool people at Life Science at the Fort asked me if I wanted to try it out and I immediately said Yes. I wanted to switch up my work out routine a bit and I liked the whole idea of a total body workout in 45 minutes.

Kinesis is basically a resistance training exercise machine that consists of weights and cables. All workouts require body strength, with resistance coming from the weights built into the machine. You can go as light or heavy as you wish depending on your fitness level and goals. The great part is that it also incorporates cardio into the mix, so for people who are really pressed for time or have weird schedules like I do, Kinesis is the perfect workout.

What usually happens is that I start out with  a five minute warm up with my trainer, then we start with the Kinesis exercises. He holds a timer that beeps every 40 or 45 seconds, and that's how long each set lasts. It's not about the repetitions, but the form and the fact that you are doing the exercises properly. Each set is usually repeated 3 times and we do three different exercises before we move on to the next. All in all, I usually end up doing 6-7 different exercises in 45 minutes. The best part is, in the end, your trainer will stretch your tired muscles. Well-deserved, in my opinion!

Kinesis looks easy when you see the machine, but like I said, depending on your capacity and goals, it can get really difficult and tiring- in a good way. You can be in and out of Life Science in about an hour and get on with the rest of your day. Each session is different and I don't think I've ever had the exact same work out twice. It's not cheap, so you may want to try it out first to see if it's for you, and if you feel it's something you'd like to do, try to work it into your budget to do it at least once a month, to keep your work outs interesting.

Check out for more information on Kinesis

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