Friday, July 25, 2014


I was trying to figure out what cocktail to feature for the week. All I had this week was wine, so I came up with this bright, impulsive idea to create some sort of red wine cocktail of sorts. I scanned my counter to check what kind of alcohol I had available and came up with this RED WINE BASTARD. I call it this because I probably disrespected all sorts of wine drinking rules to make it, but the birth of this baby was quite delicious. My friend Margaux was my guinea pig and she seemed to enjoy it too. The pineapple will add a nice froth on top and naturally sweeten your drink, but add a bit of agave if you need more. Here's what I did and what you should try after work today:


1 shot of Absolut Kurrant Vodka (I say one shot but I actually freehanded it)
6 chunks of fresh pineapple
a dash of agave
A full glass of red wine (I would say use something on the sweeter side)

How to:

  • Put all ingredients in a blender and pulse.
  • Pour into wine glasses (good for 2-3)
  • Enjoy!

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