Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I like the idea of gastro pubs. A place to drink where the food is also good? YES please! Too many bars forget that just because we are drunk, does not mean we don't enjoy good grub! At Tipsy Pig, they have a menu filled with stuff that sounds good whether you are there for Happy Hour or really just to eat.

I tried the sisig tacos because I can never resist sisig and the idea that I could wrap it in a tortilla and stuff it in my mouth made it sound even better! I was not disappointed because I had crunchy pig parts, onions and mayo which i doused in calamansi in every bite.

My only complaint is that this is a sharing portion because I could eat this whole thing myself (And I did!) but it makes a great meal if eaten alone, or a good starter if you absolutely have to share it with someone.

Tipsy Pig is located at Capitol Commons. Call 5704620.

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