Monday, July 21, 2014


People always complain about holiday weight gain, and while it is a very real possibility to gain ten pounds while eating your way through Europe or the US, or wherever it is you are headed to, there are also ways to minimize it while still making sure you enjoy yourself. Vacations were not made to stick to your diet so don't even think about it! But you know what, I get it, because I try to stay conscious when I travel to make sure I don't get scale shock when I get home, at the same time, I try not to obsess and just eat all the yumminess that comes my way. Here are a few things I do to stay the same dress size when on vacay:

Walk: At most, I will take the train to get to places that are a bit far, but for the most part, I prefer walking. Not only do I get my bearings this way, it also helps me get my cardio in everyday, giving me the license to eat without guilt. When I was in Europe last year for 2 months, I came home 10 pounds lighter without consciously trying (Actually, I was underweight when I got back at 98 lbs OOPS! but my point is, all I did was walk to sight see and get lost and would end up walking 10-15km a day and sometimes more.) I ate whatever I wanted and lost weight! Winning!

Rent a Bike: If you are traveling to a bicycle friendly city like Amsterdam, do as the locals and go around on two wheels. It's a fun way to transport yourself around as you see the sights and get from place to place and will burn a good 400 calories per hour. Places like Siem Reap also offer bicycle rentals for only about $2 a day and you can bike to the temples and back.

Check online deals: If you are staying in one place for awhile, check out deals on group buying sites for work outs or passes to gyms. It is very possible that you will find great deals for fitness. When I was in SF recently, I found a ten class pass to the Circus Center for only $10 per class, and it's usually $20, and an unlimited month pass to a yoga center for $30! Save a portion of your day for your work out!

Take a Hike: Literally! Google Hike Trails near you and see a different side of the place you are visiting. Pretty sure you usually stick close to the city so this will allow you a work out, while being one with nature. Bring a small camera to take snaps of the pretty views.

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