Monday, July 28, 2014


Sure, like everybody else, I have my days when I would prefer to stay in bed and slam my alarm on snooze (who doesn't) - so I understand how hard it is to throw yourself out of your toasty sheets, just to jump into tight clothing, and torture yourself for 45mins. But I also know there is no way out of it when you are trying to get in shape; muscle doesn't grow on trees and I have to constantly remind myself that the only way I will live to see my grandchildren beyond my disgusting smoking habit and love for whiskey, is to stay on the ball - to be consistent, and to work it out.

Here are some pointers to help you:

  • EAT RIGHT - Too many of us think that simply skipping calories will save us a couple of extra weeks of working out, hence, we cut out food that our bodies need, and therefore become under-sugared, without the physical energy to even get ourselves out of the door, let alone into a gym. Have a small breakfast, some scrambled eggs, maybe a yogurt, and some fluid before a workout - you can't run a machine without fuel.
  • SLEEP WELL - Again, you need to take care of your body. Without the right amount of sleep, you can't expect yourself to perform, physically. I don't think its necessary to sleep 8 hours a night - what grown up with a full time job like myself really has the time for 8 hours of sleep? But only you can know what your body is telling you. I myself work best when I have 5-6 hours of sleep - but it's different for everyone. Listen to your body.
  • DRESS RIGHT - Now, this doesn't just mean, go on a Nike shopping spree you can't afford, you basically have no choice but to run your guilt off on the treadmill. This means, find the perfect shoes, and outfits you feel comfortable moving in (one of the best investments being the perfect pair of leggings, in my opinion). Dress like you're in for the kill.
  • FIND MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO MOVE - This one is important. Bon Iver makes great tunes, but it's gonna make you wanna take a nap on top of the weights. Again, this is different for everyone. Some like to run to hardcore heavy metal - others to Enya. I myself like a good mix of hip hop & r&b - I currently do most of my running to Beyonce & Pharrel - but sometimes I switch it up for some Blood Orange.
  • HAVE A MINIMUM BASIC ROUTINE - Last year, I lost a crazy amount of weight, just by setting myself a realistic goal. I would get up, down a coffee, and get myself to the stationary bike before my body could realize what was happening. The rules were simple: stay on the bike for a minimum of 25 minutes, 5x a week. Knowing the only time I could do that would be first thing in the morning, I set that goal - sometimes staying on the bike for 45 minutes, on days when I was in more of a mood, or if I was currently punishing myself for having too much champagne. So, some days, I would be so extremely tired, that I would wait for the timer to indicate 25 minutes by the second, and I would hop off, immediately after. But, I was always doing a few minutes, 5x a week.. something that payed off hard after a couple of months.
  • REWARD YOURSELF - Again, listen to your body. If you have sudden cravings for ice cream, treat yourself. If you are like Erica and I, have yourself some wine. Nothing is more gratifying that being able to indulge in something without any guilt - if you are working your butt off all week, and staying disciplined, you are allowed to reward yourself with the good-good. 

Also, try to look at working out as an opportunity to get into better shape. Nobody forces you to do it, its all up to you - but the results will speak volumes, and you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Good luck!

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