Thursday, July 10, 2014


Summer 2014

Summer 2014 by renegadeloverrr featuring a panama hat

If I was a rich girl, this is what my summer closet would look like. I'm off to the south of Spain next week, which means (yet again) that I am embarking on another road to poverty. Self-sabotage at it's finest. But, I have to say, anything that involves flying miles and unlimited airline-wine, is worth plundering my bank account for. I'll leave the rest to my banker to cry over. Hah.

When you travel a lot, it is important that you figure out your outfit combos in advance. Choose items that complement eachother, but that are versatile too. Opt for prints that dictate the mood you are choosing to stay in, and combine them with basics, and colors you can mix and match.

Solange Knowles is my style icon for the summer, so here we go. How sick is that orange YSL tho? I MEAN.

Black mini dress
$255 -

Yellow cocktail dress

Mid-heel pumps
$650 -

Dolce Gabbana genuine leather purse
$1,110 -

Moschino handbag
$915 -

Michael Stars panama hat

90s Lullaby pink glasses

Linda Farrow blue sunglasses
$815 -

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