Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tea and Crepes for Two at TWG #SoulFoodSaturday

I had to run and do groceries one Sunday and decided to forego the usual Sunday lunch I have with my relatives to head over to have a proper brunch with my daughter at Rockwell pre-food shopping. We decided to head over to TWG since I had not been in awhile and was craving something rich and hearty (My last meal there was a foie gras salad so that's how I remember the food being like) I got a Parisian Crepe, filled with basil- bechamel, turkey ham, button mushrooms, potatoes and Emmenthal cheese and infused with Earl Grey tea, and Ananda got their beef lasagna, infused with Moroccan Mint Tea.

Most of their food items are infused with their teas and though the Earl Grey lent very little flavor to my crepe, I could really taste the mint in Ananda's lasagna. It made it taste like a lamb meat sauce instead of beef and we both loved it. In fact, halfway through our meal, we switched plates and finished off each other's food. I had my crepe with an iced Bourbon Vanilla tea. I love anything with Vanilla so this sweet African red tea was a hit for me. 

TWG Tea is located at 2F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

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