Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Every day, we are bombarded with reminders of the newest and latest fad diet, only to be lured into succumbing to one, and then to fail, realizing that there is no way of dropping pounds, while satisfying your taste buds with a balanced pallet of flavors. Most diets leave us with a variety of two or three main things to consume, mostly greens and grains, while asking us to cut out all the things we would all like to put our faces in, names butter, red meats and sugar. So how do we choose a diet that works?

Well guys, the only "diet" I follow is the AFTER 6 diet. I'm horrible at cutting out all the good stuff, I get grumpy when I'm don't have any sugar (I have low blood sugar) and I generally forget that I'm on a diet and "accidentally" order fried chicken anyway, only to realize halfway through my meal, that I had vaguely declared abstinence from all things that make my fat heart do somersaults.

The trick to the AFTER 6 diet, is that you can eat all sorts of "normal" things during the day, always starting with breakfast, a hearty lunch and then ending with a light dinner. This means you are able to consume enough energy to get you through the day.. eating your final meal at 6pm, you are ensured that you have enough time to break down all that was consumed, before your body goes into hibernation when you go to sleep - which is important, because as soon as you go into a slumber, so does your digestive system, meaning all the food consumed is stored, and automatically turned into fat.

There is no dirty trick to surviving an AFTER 6 diet. I normally just make sure I eat throughout the day, and don't forget to get a meal in before 6pm - but when I forget, I try to stay disciplined and don't allow myself to break my schedule. I'll have an home-made iced tea, if I have plans I need energy for, and if I'm just staying in, it's tea or fresh coconut juice.

Oh yes, I've had many-a-nights of going to sleep with an angry, growling, empty tummy. But hey, that's how I know it's working, and that my body is burning through the calories I consumed on that day. Also, it makes me feel so much less guilty about having a side of bacon for breakfast.

In fact, I'm prepping for a European summer, so.. I'm on the diet right now. Stay tuned for the results.

What diet has worked for you?

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