Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Also known as MASTER CLEANSE, this diet is pretty hardcore in that you don't consume anything except salt water, laxative tea and a lemonade mix made out of water, Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper for a week to twenty days.

I have personally tried this and I have to say that yes it works if you are doing it to lose weight because I lost 8 pounds in a week, and yes it works if you want a flat belly in a short amount of time. But do I recommend it? HELL NO. I don't think any sane person should do this diet. It's a quick fix that won't last long, because when you start eating again, your weight will start climbing as well. Of course you will lose weight and have a flat belly, YOU AREN'T EATING ANYTHING!

There are other ways of cleansing and liquid dieting that supply you with the nutrients your body needs. Maybe you won't lose weight as fast but at least you are keeping your body nourished as opposed to just running. Whenever I am jumpstarting a diet, I usually go on a raw smoothie cleanse consisting of all raw fruits and veggies. The fiber helps with digestion and since it's so low in calories, I can just drink it whenever I want throughout the day.

I generally don't believe in any diet that asks you to eliminate entire food groups or skip meals or allow you to eat only one thing or a limited number of things. When I gained more weight than I was comfortable with, I went the ultra healthy way and was patient with myself. I counted my calories but kept my meals balanced, and yes I still ate rice and other carbs. I burned calories through working out conscientiously and before I knew it, I not only lost the weight I gained, but also built muscle and got my body used to healthy eating, which is so much better and more long lasting than any crash diet!

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