Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am so often confronted with the word "thinspiration" these days, that I have to wonder, have we completely ruled out that big can also be beautiful? While I am a firm believer in staying fit, I don't associate being at the top of your game by the size of clothing you wear. I myself have yo-yo'd in terms of numbers I see on the scales, but I have always been active in one way or another. Even at my "curviest" - I always maintained a flat stomach. But I, just like everyone else, struggle with trying to find something flattering for my body, most especially at those times when I don't physically conform to everybody else's idea of "fit".

You don't have to hide behind a t-shirt on the beach, my beautiful girls, you do not have to absolutely rule out wearing a bikini and showing what you've got. These looks above are some of my favorite looks this season.

These are the questions you have to address when choosing the perfect suit.

  • what is my biggest asset?
  • what colors flatter my skin tone?
  • which part of my body do I like to flaunt?

Follow up questions look like this:
  • are my bits a pieces tucked in?
  • does it hide the areas I am uncomfortable showing?
  • do I get a wedgie while walking in it?
  • will the first wave hitting me make the whole thing fall off me?
  • can I sit down in it?
  • does it make me feel like a million bucks?

Congratulations, you have chosen the perfect swimsuit! 

So, if you have them curves, flaunt them! People like Kim Kardashian have to pay for theirs!

[ photo source: pinterest.com ]

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