Monday, August 11, 2014


I really hate the word "diet". I feel like, if I'm going to commit to shedding a few pounds, I have a much harder time following an actual regime.. rules are made to be broken. So instead, I make small adjustments, just to make sure I won't be constantly reminded that I am dieting, which is what always leads me back to failing on my missions. Here are easy tips to remember, when you're trying to slim down.

  1. SLEEP WELL - They say that beauty sleep should be 8 hours long. It is also a well known fact that happy people have an easier time sticking to a diet.. stress and unhappiness will cause you to snack on unhealthy food. But in order to produce the brain chemicals your body needs to "be happy", you have to allow it lots of rest. I myself don't normally sleep more than 6 hours, which works for me.. but on weekends, I make up for it with 8 hour "naps". 
  2. SAY NO TO UNNECESSARY SUGAR - Skip the soda, the bottled juices, pastries etc. Drink water instead (sparkling water if you need some fizz). If you have to have some sugar, snack on low-cal fruit, or slap some organic honey on something. Drink your rums on the rocks, and drink your coffee black and choose the non-sugary cereal - save the sweet for your cheat-days.
  3. DRINK A WARM GLASS OF WATER WITH A LEMON IN THE MORNING - This is a well-known supermodel trick, but I still don't know many people who apply this rule. Drinking a warm glass of lemon-water will help jumpstart your digestive system, encouraging your body to break down your daily food intake more effectively.
  4. SAY NO TO SALT - Salt is the bane of your existence. you must know this! It retains water, leaving you bloated and heavy. Find a replacement spice you like (I use cayenne pepper) - skipping the salt doesn't mean your food will have to taste bland. Vinegar is also a great way to add some flavor, instead of using salt.
  5. WALK WHENEVER YOU CAN - If you need to get some starbucks, which is 4 blocks away, don't drive, walk. Same goes for the bank.. and also, shopping can totally be cardio. Just sayin'. Don't be lazy. Sweat won't kill you.
  6. EAT SLOWLY - Wolfing your food down is fun, especially when you are nearing starvation. But it won't do anything for your metabolism. Chew your food properly and take your time to enjoy it. Your body needs time to register an incoming meal. Also, eating slowly will fill your craving quicker, you will feel full and satisfied with the dish, cutting down the chances of you actually wanting to eat more.
  7. PREPARE YOUR OWN FOOD - whenever I am in a rush, and stressed out and don't have time to find something decent to eat, I reach for the junk food. It's normal, and completely unhealthy. Take 15 minutes in the mornings to prepare yourself something healthy to eat for lunch. If you have a turkey bagel sandwich or a greek salad in your bag, chances are, you won't want to have the McDonalds fried chicken meal. And some ice cream.

Photo taken in Paris, Brunch time.

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