Thursday, August 7, 2014


SOLE ACADEMY IS FINALLY GOING TO HAVE AN ONLINE HOME! And to celebrate, they are dropping not one BUT TWO awesome pairs of kicks exclusive to Sole Academy. First of all, the fact that this is called Love/Hate baffles me because there's nothing to hate about this Nike Air Huarache Love/Hate pack, which are dropping TOMORROW, August 8 in limited quantities, through At exactly 3 PM, get the chance to nab yourself a pair of these beauties that will come in sizes 8-12. Sorry folks, they wouldn't tell me how many pairs will be available so best make sure you set your alarm or something because there will be a (virtual) line for this! Scroll down a bit for a close up look.

If they run out out of the Huaraches, or this is simply just more your thing, the Air Trainer II Barry Sanders kicks will also be available ONLINE tomorrow in sizes 7-12 (with half sizes woot!) plus a few other of your favorite pairs that they have restocked.

Unfortunately, my girly feet are a men's size 5, so none of these will fit me, but if you are looking for a pair of kicks to buy your man, or if you are lucky enough to fit into men's size 7 and up, then Damnit, don't forget to log on and check out the new site at 3 PM tomorrow and grab yourself a pair.

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8.8.2014 3 PM :D

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