Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Always on the hunt for low-cal & organic recipes during diet-season (post vacation to me) - a little trip to the supermarket turned into a mission to come up with ways to still eat the food that I love, without feeling guilty. With a newly stocked up supply of superfood Quinoa, I figured, how hard can it be to come up with an alternative to my fave carbo bomb, sushi?

By the way, for all those who are like, but why should I make my own sushi, but its gonna be a hassle, but how do I even do that?? You can purchase a rolling mat in most major supermarkets, I got mine at SM, including the sheet of nori. It's very affordable, and trust me, it is worth the minimal hassle.

I will post a step by step on how to use a rolling mat in another post, but for now here's what I had for lunch today. And for dinner. And for two more snacks in between, just because I worked my butt on the mat today, and I deserve it, and because hello zero guilt! Not to mention the fact that quinoa is emerging the obvious winner in comparison to evil white rice, haha.


  • fresh chicken breast, cut into strips, baked in oven
  • avocado (my faaaaaave!)
  • slightly overcooked (and cooled) Quinoa
  • nori


Generally, it doesn't really get any less stressful than this. You lay out the sheet of nori on the mat and slightly wet one half. Spread out the Quinoa on the sheet, gently pressing down to create a compact layer of Quinoa. Lay out the ingredients in a line, careful to fill gaps. ROLL


I promise a step by step tutorial for next week, for all those who want to learn how to DIY sushi. Meanwhile, I'm gonna run back to the kitchen to have another round of these. I'm starvingggg!!!

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