Friday, August 1, 2014

HERE FISHY FISHY: FishTail Braids #BeautyBuzz

I cut my hair from almost waist length to below the chin last year, and although I kind of had to remove all the unhealthy layers and also was wanting a change, I really started missing all the cool things I could do with my long hair. One thing that keeps me from chopping my locks again is the fact that I cant wait to fishtail braid the heck out of it when it gets long enough.

I love how it's a subtle twist on the traditional plait but makes a world of difference when it comes to chicness level. Here's a video I found on youtube on how to DIY a fishtail braid at home (Since my hair is not long enough for me to do it on myself yet. CRY.)

*video grabbed from Imogen-Foxy Locks on youtube*
*Photo grabbed from Pinterest*

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