Thursday, August 7, 2014

MIXED PRINTS #TrendyThursday

Back then mixing prints was a total no-no! Stripes and polka dots? People would immediately cry Fashion Victim! Nowadays, the fashion world is not only more forgiving towards mis-matched prints, but embraces it like a long lost child.

Scared to leave your comfort zone? Start off with monochromatic prints like the bottom right picture. The all black and white ensemble is the perfect way to ease your way into the world of mixed prints. Another way is to match dainty florals with nautical stripes. The effect still spells classic without being too basic or predictable. Later on, mix and match as you please. Plaid and polka dots? Sure! Geometric and Floral? Score!

Show us your favorite mixed print #OOTD and tag #FatKitchSkinnyKitch on instagram.

*Photos from Pinterest*

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