Friday, August 29, 2014

RED ALERT #BeautyBuzz

It was only a couple of years ago that I started wearing red lipstick. I always liked it, but never though it looked good on me. I always felt like my skin looked weird when I wore anything other than my usual nudes. As a Beauty Editor for many years, I would receive so much make-up that it was inevitable that I had an entire collection of just red lipsticks. It took a lot of experimenting and trial and error until I found the kind of red I like best and I think suits me most. For me, it's matte all the way, and it has to be a BRICK RED (Warm, orange tones) like MAC's Marrakesh or an OXBLOOD RED (On the Burgundy side with purples and browns) like MAC's Media.

There are so-called rules to how to pick the perfect red, but through the years they have been broken and there are always exceptions, so I've learned to stop following them and just go with what makes me feel most beautiful. What's YOUR favorite RED lippie? Post it on Instagram and Tag us #fatkitchskinnykitch and #fatkitchRED

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