Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Kate Moss once famously said "Nothing tastes as good, as skinny feels."

Her statement created a wave of diverse opinions, mostly criticizing her for encouraging our hidden desires to be a size 0. I myself was not born to be a waif. An inherent tomboy, I was always drawn to sports of the extreme kind. I was a competitive swimmer and sprinter in school, ambitioned to become a boxer, got hooked on extreme sports, leading to becoming a sponsored athlete and dove into kiteboarding competitions head first, and spent the off-seasons training for and participating in beach ultimate frisbee.

I myself build muscle easily, due to my long history in athletics. When I try to trim down, I always have to avoid doing too many exercises that might build too much muscle. My guy friends joke about being afraid of my man-arms and my bikini posts on instagram are bombarded with inquiries about how I got "abs". If I wanted to look anything like Kate Moss, I would have to stop eating and moving completely for two months.

Now this new hashtag has been trending, all over the world. With the birth of cross-fit, and other strength-based exercises, the era of #strongisthenewskinny was born. I think it's great that we are now more determined to be fit in its truest sense.. and are more and more motivated and encouraged to focus on building actual physical strength, as opposed to just looking like we are strong. Statements like "I would rather bench press her weight than be her weight" can often be found on social media outlets, but what does this mean?

I love this trend myself, but some days, I also feel torn about it. More and more photos show up of girls looking like boys, while bench pressing a teenager (or something) and I am compelled to throw a question out to all our readers about it, mostly out of curiosity and concern. I myself am a born feminist, but I would not like to look like I could protect my man in a street brawl.

How do you feel about #strongisthenewskinny?

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