Friday, August 1, 2014


If you are a wine-lover, like we are, I'm sure you have stumbled upon the problem of choosing whether to risk looking like a sweaty mess, or skipping the vino. In our humidity, it is almost impossible to even think of sitting outdoors to comfortably sip a glass of red or white.. but fret no more.

The Spanish, being the geniuses we are, obviously refuse to stop drinking their favorite alcoholic beverage in the summer - enter tinto de verano. Tinto means wine, and verano means summer, so it is literally translated as "summer wine", and it is ridiculously easy to make.


  • red wine
  • lemon-lime soda (sprite will do)
  • lots of ice
  • some lemon
Now, you can mix it up according to your own taste, but I generally pour half wine, half soda in a glass, fill it with ice and top it off with a slice of lemon.

Easy, huh? Best enjoyed while listening to flamenco music or Spanish guitar, of course, but not a must.


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