Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I get loads of questions about beauty, but keep them coming. Here are my personal faves of the moment, 5 beauty hacks for the girl on the go!

  1. MATTIFY YOUR LIPSTICK - Place a tissue over your lips and dust lightly with matte powder, for a lippie that stays.
  2. MATTE SKIN - Instead of caking on more powder at the first sign of oiliness, use a tissue and blot - if you need more help, use a loose powder and dust your T-Zone lightly.
  3. DIY LIP SCRUB - Combine your favorite pot of lip balm with some brown sugar and use it to get the flakiness out of your pout. For a little plumper, add a hint of cinnamon!
  4. THICK LASHES - This is one of my favorite party tricks. Apply one coat of mascara, then dust baby powder on your lashes using an eyeshadow brush. Apply two more coats of mascara, and you have yourself some falsies without having to deal with tweezers and glue.
  5. NO SLIP BOBBY PINS - I use loads of pins, since my hair is growing out. To keep them from slipping off, place them on a paper towel, and spray them with hair spray. The spray will keep them on all day.

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