Saturday, August 30, 2014


Today's #WOOTW is not really a work out but a tip. As much as I am one of those weirdos who actually enjoys working out, I too get bouts of extreme laziness and lack of motivation. I found that the best way to rid myself of these feelings is to work out with friends. You can have a permanent buddy, or you can invite different friends to different work outs as I usually do. This way, you are forced ot get a work out in for the following reasons- You actually feel more "ganado" because you are all motivating each other or you actually don't wanna embarrass yourself by being that one friend who tries to influence all the others to have a Pancakes and Bacon breakfast instead of going to the gym and fails. LOL. Either way, the chances of you saying you are too lazy or busy to work out decreases when you have one or two other people with you. Try it! Build a network of "fitness friends" and make work out plans with them, and I promise you will find going to the gym will become not only easier, but more fun as well.

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