Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Comfort Food at Chelsea Market and Cafe #WIAT (What I Ate Today)

Prawn Gambas

Chelsea Market and Cafe is not a new establishment but it has been awhile since I last ate there. I've been in and out of Manila the past year, and when I am here, I try my best to catch up on the newer restaurants that seem to open up left and right. Last Friday, I remembered why Chelsea is worth re-visiting every once in awhile.

I was a bit late to dinner and missed out on some of the starters that came out during the dinner I attended but I was happy not to miss their prawn gambas. Instead of the tiny shrimp we usually get when we order this dish, you get succulent prawns absolutely drowning in fried garlic and chili, which you can then use as a spread. This dish needs to be served with way more than just a couple of pieces of bread because the leftover sauce is the best part!

Cabernet Braised US Short Ribs
Can I just say that first of all, I love short ribs. When done right, it is the best thing ever, and this one did not disappoint. It was fork tender, swimming in sauce without being overwhelmingly so and came with a creamy risotto for that carbo-blast that you need to complete a hearty meal. There were a lot of dishes being brought out but I think this was one of my favorites, along with the Cacio e Pepe Pasta, which is one of the simplest but most delicious pastas you can have with ingredients being just oil, cheese and pepper (No picture unfortunately)

Saffrom Moules Frites

Spicy Seafood and Chorizo Squid Ink Pasta

Other things to try if you like seafood are the Saffron Moules Frites- the traditional Belgian mussels and fries (with a mayo dip) The order is good for a meal for one hungry person or two to share as a starter. Use half a shell as a spoon to scoop out your mussels and that yummy broth. I also enjoyed the Spicy Seafood and Chorizo Squid Ink Pasta, but I wish it came with some garlic aoili on the side, so I can eat it like I do Paella Negra, which it reminded me of. Not something to eat on a first date, unless the apple of your eye likes black lips! So good though, so if you don't care, go ahead and order it!

Oven Baked Warm Brownie S'mores
I have to say, I always liked the cakes at Chelsea, and this dessert, although nice looking, did not do it for me. In fact, If it did not have the marshmallows and caramel sauce, I would have not eaten it at all. The brownie was not fudgey like I like it, in fact maybe a bit dry (perhaps overcooked a bit?) so I would skip this in favor for their PEACH MELBA- a cup full of cream, peaches and other good stuff that I enjoyed thoroughly. Of course, there's always their famous cakes- I mean Snickers cake? Cookie Dough Cheesecake. No brainers! Order them both!

Chelsea Market and Cafe is located at G/F Serendra. Call 9097102 for reservations.

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