Tuesday, September 16, 2014


People are always asking me what I eat post- workout, and the answer is "It depends" On what? Well, mostly on what time of the day I end up getting my daily dose of adrenaline, but since I more often than not work out mid-morning, it's usually too early for lunch when I finish, so I end up having a snack that will both replenish lost energy, and tide me over until my next bigger meal. My favorite is apple slices with peanut butter and cinnamon. I usually eat half an apple, which is about 40 calories, and eat that with a tablespoon of peanut butter, which is 90 calories and a sprinkling of cinnamon for flavor. I generally don't like to eat too much between meals, but I do need that extra boost especially after working out, which is why I snack. If you have any post-work out snack ideas, please share with me! Next week I'll share a recipe for home made energy bars- forget the commercial ones and make your own at home for cheaper and knowing exactly what you put it them!

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