Thursday, September 18, 2014


I moved to Sydney in 2006, and after this grand "Goodbye Manila" episode, I ended up fully moving back, after a year or so of being wishy washy and going back and forth, and I honestly wish I had better reasons for doing so and not just a BOY, but anyway, before I digress any further, let's talk about how beautiful this city is.

I try not to regret too many things in my life, because what's the point really, but man, there are times I do regret leaving Sydney, and later on giving up my visa. I think I may have an eternal crush on this city. Every time I'm here it's like seeing that crush that you thought you were over and realizing you still get giddy and excited around him.

I'm here right now for my work at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, where I am a contributor. I was sent here with other media people on the maiden flight of Cebu Pacific to Sydney, and I decided to stay a few extra days to spend some time with my mom and siblings who are all here. Speaking of that flight, you can get WIFI for the duration of your flight for a little extra charge, which was pretty awesome.

I'm writing a full article about Sydney for PDI next week, so this blog is really just me gushing about what I consider my second home, mostly because half my family is here full time. But for people who are coming to visit soon, and only have a few days, here are a few things you can do down unda:

  • Have a drink at Opera Bar, right below the Sydney Opera House (photo above was taken there!) It's a nice, open air bar frequented by tourists and locals alike and a nice place to catch the sunset while right in the middle of Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
  • Visit Taronga Zoo. You can drive over or take the ferry from Circular Quay to get to Mosman and spend a morning or afternoon with the animals. They have everything from Aussie animals, to bears, gorillas, giraffes etc. It's a fun activity whether or not you have children.
  • Shop at the weekend markets. If you happen to be around on a Saturday, you can buy vintage, handcrafted and one of a kind items and clothes at the many weekend markets around the city.
  • Walk the edge at the Sydney Skywalk. It's the highest point in the city and you are harnessed so don't worry if you have a fear of heights. Just don't look down!
  • Eat in Chinatown. Sydney has the cleanest Chinatown I have seen. It's right by Darling Harbour so you won't have to walk far if you are coming from a day of touring.
  • Watch the fireworks at Darling Harbour. Again if you are here on a weekend, go hang out at the harbour around 8 pm for the fireworks.
I will be sad to leave next week as I usually am, but I'll be back in March for my sister's wedding. Woohoo! 

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