Saturday, September 6, 2014


A conversation among friends sparked up a topic. How important is the concept of beauty?

Are we aiming to be beautiful, to feel glamourous.. or are we really liking the feel of our skin being healthy?

I grew up an ugly duckling, and couldn't move past a smudged eyeliner in my punk goth phase.. I would break into my Mom's stash of Dior and Chanel makeup, and end up (probably) looking like a Picasso. Boys didn't think I was pretty, they thought I was cool, and I was cursed with being friendzoned early on in my teenage years.. it didn't help that my two best friends look like the main cast of Gossip Girl.

Nowadays, I cant live without my staples. But I switch. I'm adventurous. I am quickly lured into trying new things. But I always keep on coming back. Erica and I are working on a project now to bring in popular and fresh new makeup brands, so we are asking everyone, including you.. Especially when it comes to products you love, but can't purchase here in the Philippines.

In my next post, I will share all the products I can't live without, but meanwhile, I really wanna hear from you guys. What is on your beauty wishlist?

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