Monday, October 27, 2014


I have my favorites when it comes to working out but I always enjoy trying new things. I often times go back to my preferred workouts but once in awhile when I have the time or get the opportunity to, I will do something I don't normally do, like BOXING. Believe it or not, I actually used to box regularly before (about 5 years ago) but to be honest, I always hated being one of the few females in a gym of sweaty men. It's a bit unnerving.

I tried it again recently and while Elorde is still Elorde- no frills and straight to the point, I noticed that there were a lot more women working out, which made me feel more at ease. When I asked, I was told that they had a lot of female regulars working out there.

I started with about 20 minutes of running, but in my case more like a jog/walk situation, followed by another 15 minutes of jumprope. You don't think you'd get tired but you will, specially if , like me, you have not been on the ball with your workouts.

We started the mitt work after and I am probably the girliest boxer you will ever see. I wonder still if my whole look while moving will ever change to look more like a fighter, but unless I box all the time, probably not!

Boxing is about stamina, yes, but it is also a lot of hand-eye coordination. My biggest problem has always been the speedball, as I never can seem to get it right (only with one hand!) I'm hoping to have more time to box when work settles down a bit so that I can do a month straight of boxing and see/ feel the difference in my body. I see now how a 9-5 can make you gain weight! No time for exercise or even to eat proper meals sometimes so it's all about what you can get. Boxing and it's extreme cardio can help fix all that!

My favorite part of any work out is ab work and stretching. You will be doing this for about 30 minutes towards the end of your work out. All in all, expect to be at the gym for about 2 hours. Imagine the calories you will burn and the muscles you will condition if you did this even three times a week?

Tell us your boxing experiences in the comment box!

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