Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I don't care how many places that serve "comfort food" pop up, Pancake House is the ultimate, least pretentious comfort food for me. I grew up eating here with my grandmother and I crave their pan chicken at least once a week. Sometimes I go weeks wanting to eat this, and I stop myself every time because I'm trying to eat healthy. If I keep it real real, I can honestly say I would eat here once or twice a week. Sometimes I eat the fried chicken with rice and gravy, and other times with a cheese waffle and maple syrup. Either way, until I find a fried chicken that satisfies me as much, and in a reasonable price range (a 2 pc pan chicken with rice is less than P200 as opposed to the ones I've seen at 550 and up an order) I'm sticking to the classic. Pancake House forever!

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