Monday, October 13, 2014


No matter how far I delve into my new mission in foodblogging, I can't escape my roots in fashion. Thus, when approached by a girl friend who admitted to being flustered about her boyfriend's non-style, I decided maybe it was time to do a little 101 on how boys should dress. I myself a huge fan on unisex and understated dressing, I figured a good way to start was by listing bulletpoints as a guide - and starting with the basics.

I've dated guys with different dressing styles - most men stick to what's safe, so sometimes you need to help them out a little, especially when they ask for help. I've had many fun trips to the mall with them.. I love dressing men and showing them styles they never thought they could pull off. If you are a bit of a style nazi like myself, your man might get intimidated and not know where to even start in matching your look. I always always prefer an understated casual look - but I will never say no to a man in a good suit.

  • As for us girls - know your body and what looks good on it.
  • Stock up on basics. Not everyone can pull off bold prints and trend pieces, but every man looks good in a plain white t-shirt.
  • Invest in great footwear - and take care of them. Timeless shoes will go a long way.
  • Wear your pants like they fit you - chinos look good on every man, as long as they don't look like your crotch will pop when you sit down. 
  • Know what to pair with what - this goes especially for the pants + shoes combo.
  • Less is more - monochromes are always a good choice, so stick to black and whites and neutrals, except for those days when you are feeling a bit more adventurous.
  • Don't be afraid of accessories - but make sure they work with the rest of the outfit. And don't pile them on - you don't want to out-accessory your girlfriend.
Invest in key pieces:

  • A few good pairs of chinos
  • A perfect pair of black denim
  • A classic white button down shirt
  • Several plain white black and white shirts
  • A classic black boot
  • A squeaky clean pair of white sneakers
  • Neutral Vans slip-ons
  • A black belt
  • A loose knit sweater
  • A black skinny tie
  • A classic slim cut black suit
Wait - this list could go on and on. The bottom line is - find clothes that fit you well. And when all else fails - watch Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love.. or ask your girlfriend. She knows, haha.

Happy Monday!

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