Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The CROW #YogaEveryday

I started doing yoga in 2012, after a lot of resisting (It's too slow) and scoffing (It's too easy) I finally went ahead and joined a class because I was going through a lot internally and needed to quiet my mind. I thought it would be 90 minutes of... actually I don't know what I was expecting it to be, but the word that came to mind was definitely not DIFFICULT.

I was so wrong about all my pre-conceived notions about yoga. Not only is it challenging to the body, it is also a challenge to the mind. You are intended to focus on your breathing and the task at hand, and for a chronic over-thinker, do you know how hard that is?

In the beginning, I was so rusty and could not even hold poses for very long. Even if I was flexible (remnants of being a child competitive gymnast) I could feel my muscles screaming in pain every time I would do anything.

I wish I could say I practice everyday, but I really don't. I would say 3 times a week is my average, whether at home or at a class. Every time I work out, I try to start or end my exercise with a few poses, just to practice. In this picture, I am doing my first attempts at crow pose, which requires a lot of core and arm strength. Soon, I'll be able to do it better!

Remember that yoga is not a competition, and I highly suggest you refrain from looking around so much when practicing with a class and just focus on yourself. Everyday you learn something new, and everyday you get stronger.

My secret dream is to drop everything and become a yoga teacher! Someday, it will happen! :)

Take a class with me at One Life Studio: 2F BCS Prime Building, 2297 Chino Roces Avenue, right above Juju Eats. Reservations required 09178513297

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  1. i got invited recently to try yoga.. ang hirap nga...well, nanood lang muna ko...will definitely try it out soon.