Saturday, November 29, 2014


If you've been following our instagrams, you would know that Erica and I have basically been living for work, scratch working for a living.. we've been breathing, sleeping, eating work. Now that we're in the final stages of launching the site, we're basically holding our breaths. Hence, a little runaway time was necessary, so of course, as you would, we headed to Angeles (under the pretense of being on the way to Mexico!).

We stayed at the Lewis Grand for the weekend, and honestly, I didnt know what to expect, what with Angeles not exactly being the kind of place I would choose for an escape. What awaited us was quite the surprise. If you know me at all, you will know, anything white with a contrast of dark woods and lots of light will get me packing my bags any day. We checked in and hung out in the restaurant for a bit, devouring what we now know (seriously) as our favorite sisig in Angeles City - made our of pork belly. It wasnt oily and I didnt feel disgusting after eating it, which is probably the first time I have ever felt this about any sisig. Not to mention the mexican food that the chef ordered up for us especially.. after a few whiskey amarettos, I was a happy camper, and we headed back to our room to get back to work - and play.

The suite we stayed in was fit for a honeymoon - I say suite because it was twice the size of my apartment, with two bathrooms, a hot tub - and I got to share a california king with my twin. It was beyond romantic! The next morning, after a night out "people-watching" and taco-eating, I spent the morning in the sun on the terrace, working, as usual, while getting a tan.

It was hard to leave, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say, the only time I will probably be back in Pampanga, Angeles.. will be if I get to stay in this joint. Thank you Lewis Grand for the lovely weekend!

As a bonus, right next to the hotel, there are several shops where Erica and I stocked up on potted plants. I am now a proud owner of a little palm tree, sitting in my hall like it owns the place. My hydrangeas, on the other hand, are not so happy in my smoky little studio - but my happy little Aloe vera plant looks like it feels right at home by my living room window!

Lewis Grand Hotel
Don Juico Ave, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga
(045) 625 3947


Last weekend, Dane and I went to Angeles, Pampanga for one reason- TO EAT. Our buddy Angelo owns a hotel called Lewis Grand and a Taqueria along Walking Street right outside High Society,  so we decided to get out of the city- something we've been needing to do for months now- and head north to the food capital of the Philippines.

No this was not a food tour. This was solely to visit Taqueria Real, a small after hours joint that serves authentic Mexican street tacos and look they even sell Jarritos (I love the sickeningly sweet pineapple one!) Unlike a lot of establishments who's owners leave their staff to their own devices, you will most likely find Angelo here most nights making sure the food is on point and everything is going smoothly.

Don't: Expect anything fancy. This is a STREET taco place. There are a few stools to sit on but you are really meant to eat standing up or on the go. Don't expect a place setting or for someone to put a napkin on your lap.

Do: Expect nice, messy food. The kind that will have you licking your fingers after and chugging down their horchata. They also have a salsa bar where you can add your own toppings to your tacos and nachos.

What to eat: They have rice plates, quesadillas and burritos, but I say go for the tacos! My favorites were the Beef Barbacoa and Tinga de Pollo, but also try the Carne Asada and Angelo's favorite Al Pastor. For a Pinoy and Kapampangan twist- get the Fried Carnitas- aka SISIG TACOS!

What to drink: Jarritos if you like diabetes sweet soda (and hey we all do sometimes) or Horchata if you are like me and love that stuff!

What else to do: People Watch! You are on Walking Street in Angeles, Pampanga- you know what to expect! :) If you feel like working off all the calories, Angelo's club High Society is just a few steps away.

Why you should be happy: Taqueria Real has a one day only pop up at Brgr Project along Jupiter street, makati. TOMORROW, November 30, 2014 so head over and get a chance to pig out the way we did last weekend. I'll probably see you there!

Taqueria Real is located along Walking Street, Angeles Pampanga. Follow them on Instagram: @taqueriarealph

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OVERNIGHT OATS #TuesdayTummy #HowTo

These days, there is no time for anything - and I'm a notorious breakfast-skipper, which screws me up mid-afternoon, and sends me running to convenience stores, craving for chips, because my blood sugar crashes, and then all sense is lost in my stomach area.

So I hear about overnight oats, and I'm like, what thaaaat? No cook oats? Leave-in-the-fridge overnight oats? WHATTT.

And so I tried it. In my first attempt, I didn't add enough liquid, and it was a bit smooshy and dry the day after. Also, in most recipes, they add the fruit the night before, which then fuses with the rest of the ingredients, but it just wasn't tickling my taste buds - it was a tad blah. I can't have boring breakfast food, because it will just make me want to turn to black coffee. Which send my blood sugar crashing like there's no tomorrow. Finally, last night, I decided to just "segregate" to contain the flavors. Well, I finally ate all my breakfast this morning. Welcome back, blood sugar!


- 1/2 cup thick rolled oats
- 3/4 cup soy milk
- 1 tablespoon chia seeds
- chopped honeydew melon
- 1 kiwi
- 1/2 cup greek yogurt
- 1 tsp wild honey
- 1 tsp strawberry preserves


the night before:
Combine rolled oats, soy milk and chia seeds in a glass jar. Shake well. Store in refrigerator.

the next morning:
The oats and chia will have soaked up the soy milk. Pile the fruits on top of it, then topping off with the greek yogurt and adding the wild honey and strawberry preserves on the yogurt.


What are your favorite quick and easy breakfast recipes?

Happy Tuesday to all the workaholics like me and Erica! x

Friday, November 7, 2014


Since most of my drinking these days involves Erica and a bottle of wine, I didn't wanna bore you with a non-recipe. Here is something I made myself for breakfast - I know it's non-alcoholic - but who says you can't add a shot of Vodka to make it a little more interesting?


- 1 kiwi
- quarter cup of red grapes
- quarter cup of frozen blueberries
- half cup passionfruit juice
- one tablespoon chia seeds
- two cups crushed ice

1. Blend red grapes with kiwi and one cup ice.
2. Blend passionfruit with blueberries, one cup ice and chia seeds.





Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Herbal Cleanses #ALLTHERAGE

As a beauty Editor for many years (our beauty pages also featured a health section) and being fitness and healthy conscious for the past few years, I have tried my fair share of cleanses. I've done three day home ones that would not allow me the luxury of heading out of the house because I was constantly running to the toilet, and I've even tried the super embarrassing and invasive Colon Therapy (OMG never again!) so my experiences with cleanses has always been uncomfortable and/or a hassle and disruptive to my daily schedules. So when I was asked to try out this 7 day Herbal Cleanse, I had a lot of questions!

Will I be running to the toilet every five minutes?
Can I eat?
Do I have to go on a liquid diet?
What are the effects?

I have a full time job now, which means I need to be at my office at 10 am everyday, which means I can't be worrying about overdoing the bathroom time and if I do have to deal with that, I can't be in the comfort of my own home. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded as 1. No, you will go to the toilet regularly, but there is no sense of panic or urgency, 2. Yes you can eat. The package comes with a list of recommended meals. 3. No, you don't have to go on a liquid diet but it is recommended that you eat healthy while doing the cleanse, 4. The effects are more regular bowel movements, and less bloated feeling at the end of the week plus possible weight loss and of course, most importantly, gently cleansing your system.

I decided to try it out because aside from bad eating habits as of late (because of the lack of time for anything due to job duties) I was also feeling a bit too tired all the time, my skin was rebelling against me and I was feeling generally unwell- all signs that I was due for a cleanse. I could imagine the toxins in my body from too much sugar, alcohol and not enough exercise or sleep. I had not felt this in years because I was so healthy and fit and lately it's been going downhill.

The ReCleanse Herbal Cleanse Whole Body 7 Day Detox Kit contained two bottles- a colon cleanse and a multi-system cleanse + a food chart to help you through your week. I like that it's not disruptive and all you need to do is take two of each (four in all) with a tall glass of water before breakfast, and again before dinner. The effect is going to the toilet about 20 minutes after, and urinating more frequently as well. This is partly due to the fact that it is suggested that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

By the end of the week, my stomach felt lighter and I was not bloated at all. In fact, my tummy was absolutely flat! Also, I was forced to eat healthier- forcing myself to make time to prep my meals even if I was absolutely knackered after work. I would definitely do this cleanse again, maybe every few months.

For more information on ReCleanse, visit

The 7 day kit is Php1,100 and available in the following studios/stores 
  • Sugarleaf Makati
  • Got Heart Whiteplains
  • Bikram Yoga QC, GH
  • Beyond Yoga GH, QC, Fort
  • Urban Ashram Manila Pasig, Fort, Makati
  • Yogaplus Makati, Fort
  • Options Studio Fort
  • ThirdEye Wellness Fort

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working Out at Home #HOWTO

It truly depresses me that I have absolutely zero time to go to yoga, pilates and kinesis on a regular basis because my job is taking over my life. I used to work out every day, and now it's more like twice a week if I'm lucky, and the workouts are definitely not at a level I'm used to doing.

If I do find myself with a bit of extra time in the morning, even if I have to get up extra early, like before 6, I try and squeeze in a 30-45 minute workout in my living area. For those with the same problem as me, all you need to do is purchase a few basic things so you can have your own mini home gym- no machines required. Here's what I have:

  •  A ten pound disc weight. For crunches and squats.
  • 2 6 pound free weights. For plank rows, weighted step ups and lunges.
  • A jump rope. For cardio.
  • A yoga Mat. For yoga poses and for padding when I do other workouts.
  • Ankle Weights. To make exercises just a tad bit more difficult. 
  • Exercise Ball. For several exercises including crunches, side crunches and things that help with balance.
  • Ab Roller. Ok this is a bit difficult to use and I don't recommend it if you are a super duper beginner.
  • Pull Up Bar. My plan was to get my arm strength back but I haven't installed it yet! I will get that going very soon.

So aside from the pull up bar, I use all the other things I mentioned above. I really like taking classes or having other people around me when I work out, but desperate times call for desperate measures. In this busy world we live in, we don't have the time- we make time- and that goes for everything from friends, relationships, family, work and yes physical activity!

Here's hoping I can motivate myself to get up at 5:30 am every day to make sure I get my work out in. :)

Monday, November 3, 2014


Many people don't know that I used to do makeup professionally. I still miss it but I'm definitely rusty. Any chance I get, I try different looks on friends or myself just for fun. This was FATKITCH-SKINNYKITCH as sugar skulls for Halloween.  I mixed Snazzaroo face paint and some regular make up products from my kit. Dane is the more crafty one between the two of us so she made the flower crowns.

This look is pretty easy to do and always a hit when you need a quick costume but don't have time to come up with anything. Just use white face paint all over your face but leave two circles around your eyes until above your brows and your nose bare. Paint those areas black. Lastly, have fun designing your face! I find it is more fun when you add some pops of color.

Hope you all had a great time celebrating my favorite day of the year!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Sorry for the prolonged absences - our jobs have taken over our lives. In terms of food, I refuse to post anything current and food related - an obvious attempt at denial in its purest form. Instead, let's talk about denim, more specifically, boyfriend jeans.

We've all seen the likes of Emmanuelle Alt and countless models pull off this look, but I got an email today asking me if I think boyfriend jeans will last, and if so, how to pull them off. I'm a huge fa of baggy jeans, so I was disappointed to find that I don't have one pair of boyfriend jeans in my closet - which probably has loads to do with the fact that I am single.

Thus, the challenge is on - this week, I am going to make time to find the perfect pair (or pairs) because in my opinion, yes - in this day an age, where feminism is taking over on a global scale, and we are still forever enchanted by the nonchalance of the 90's and under-dressing, the boyfriend jean will stay for a little while.

Here are my favorite looks - and ways for you to pull them off.

Who says boys clothes can't be chic?