Monday, November 3, 2014


Many people don't know that I used to do makeup professionally. I still miss it but I'm definitely rusty. Any chance I get, I try different looks on friends or myself just for fun. This was FATKITCH-SKINNYKITCH as sugar skulls for Halloween.  I mixed Snazzaroo face paint and some regular make up products from my kit. Dane is the more crafty one between the two of us so she made the flower crowns.

This look is pretty easy to do and always a hit when you need a quick costume but don't have time to come up with anything. Just use white face paint all over your face but leave two circles around your eyes until above your brows and your nose bare. Paint those areas black. Lastly, have fun designing your face! I find it is more fun when you add some pops of color.

Hope you all had a great time celebrating my favorite day of the year!

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