Sunday, November 2, 2014


Sorry for the prolonged absences - our jobs have taken over our lives. In terms of food, I refuse to post anything current and food related - an obvious attempt at denial in its purest form. Instead, let's talk about denim, more specifically, boyfriend jeans.

We've all seen the likes of Emmanuelle Alt and countless models pull off this look, but I got an email today asking me if I think boyfriend jeans will last, and if so, how to pull them off. I'm a huge fa of baggy jeans, so I was disappointed to find that I don't have one pair of boyfriend jeans in my closet - which probably has loads to do with the fact that I am single.

Thus, the challenge is on - this week, I am going to make time to find the perfect pair (or pairs) because in my opinion, yes - in this day an age, where feminism is taking over on a global scale, and we are still forever enchanted by the nonchalance of the 90's and under-dressing, the boyfriend jean will stay for a little while.

Here are my favorite looks - and ways for you to pull them off.

Who says boys clothes can't be chic?

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