Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working Out at Home #HOWTO

It truly depresses me that I have absolutely zero time to go to yoga, pilates and kinesis on a regular basis because my job is taking over my life. I used to work out every day, and now it's more like twice a week if I'm lucky, and the workouts are definitely not at a level I'm used to doing.

If I do find myself with a bit of extra time in the morning, even if I have to get up extra early, like before 6, I try and squeeze in a 30-45 minute workout in my living area. For those with the same problem as me, all you need to do is purchase a few basic things so you can have your own mini home gym- no machines required. Here's what I have:

  •  A ten pound disc weight. For crunches and squats.
  • 2 6 pound free weights. For plank rows, weighted step ups and lunges.
  • A jump rope. For cardio.
  • A yoga Mat. For yoga poses and for padding when I do other workouts.
  • Ankle Weights. To make exercises just a tad bit more difficult. 
  • Exercise Ball. For several exercises including crunches, side crunches and things that help with balance.
  • Ab Roller. Ok this is a bit difficult to use and I don't recommend it if you are a super duper beginner.
  • Pull Up Bar. My plan was to get my arm strength back but I haven't installed it yet! I will get that going very soon.

So aside from the pull up bar, I use all the other things I mentioned above. I really like taking classes or having other people around me when I work out, but desperate times call for desperate measures. In this busy world we live in, we don't have the time- we make time- and that goes for everything from friends, relationships, family, work and yes physical activity!

Here's hoping I can motivate myself to get up at 5:30 am every day to make sure I get my work out in. :)

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