Friday, March 6, 2015


Because sometimes only fancy cocktails will cut it.

Imagine having a long work month or working on huge project and finally finishing it. I bet none of you want to go home and open a cheap bottle of wine or a the Philippines' finest Tanduay ( FYI I have nothing against Tandueezy, I actually find it good but c'mon, it's a special occasion and you deserve more than a P70 bottle of liquor, right?)

Head over to Crown Towers and have a cocktail or two at Crystal Lounge instead. Actually, if you want, you can start with high tea and 3 pm and slowly transition into cocktails at 6 pm, which is what I did. The high tea set comes with sweet and savory options for their traditional or asian sets and a few pass around treats as well.

The cocktails are something else, with some of them shaken and poured table side such as the Crystal Daiquiri in the photo above. They are a bit on the pricy side, but it is expected at a high end hotel, and also I think it's worth it because they use quality liquor and are not stingy so you will definitely feel the buzz with even just one drink.

I also loved this! The Clover Chocolate Club.

Hello Lovely! This drink is gin based and is mixed with raspberry liquor and topped with a frothy egg white foam. The big plus here is that it is served with a side of dark chocolate- and a substantial amount of it. This made me so happy! The drink and the chocolate were a match made in heaven and I would go back for this.

Crystal Lounge is located inside Crown Towers, City of Dreams, Aseana Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Manila. For reservations, call 800 8080.

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