Friday, March 20, 2015

Restaurant Review: LOCAVORE #WhatIAteToday

Sizzling Beef Belly Sinigang- the sinigang part is in the gravy- so good I wish they put more of it so I can make "simot" with rice!

So this is the meaning of LOVE AT FIRST BITE.

I had heard so much about LOCAVORE for months before I actually finally got to try it- even if it's located literally 3 blocks from where I live. I was leaving for France for two weeks so I wanted to have dinner with my family prior, and I suggested this restaurant.

It was packed when we came in so don't forget to make a reservation for any of the 5-7-9-11 PM seatings, otherwise good luck lining up. Note that lunchtime and Sundays don't accept reservations so come early. Having a restaurant become that popular in the span of only a few months was impressive, so I had high hopes and expectations of the food.

The Street Food Platter is like an upgraded version of your street food faves- fish and squid balls, kikiam and kwek kwek.

Start off with the Street Food Platter, a typical Manong Fishball spread with home made sauces and a cute little kawali to boot. I wanted to order this just for the cuteness factor but I mean, who doesn't love fish balls anyway? We devoured the entire order in about 60 seconds. Nom nom nom. <3

What's better than sisig? LECHON AND OYSTER SISIG, that's what!
I first tried Oyster Sisig at Two Seasons in Boracay and I was already blown away. How can one improve such a perfect dish? Well, Locavore managed to with the addition of crunchy lechon chunks. To those planning to dine here, forget your diets for a few hours because that word does not exist in the borders of this restaurant. Nevertheless, the calorie explosions are definitely worth it. I had absolutely no regrets eating this, AND the street food platter, AND the Sizzling Sinigang WITH garlic rice, a cocktail, fried chicken and Tortang Mangga for dessert. Judge me, I don't care!

A layered mango tarte, the Tortang Mangga has merengue, Dulce de leche, Fresh mangoes and cream and is a sweet ending to a rich meal.
I have to say, my FAVORITE item on the menu is the Sizzling Sinigang. I actually don't like traditional sinigang with the soup, but I like how I make sinigang roast chicken- where the sinigang flavor is in the gravy. This dish reminded me of that somewhat so it was an instant hit to my taste buds. The tender beef belly, haricot vert, tomatoes and roasted garlic cloves are just a perfect medley. Please LOCAVORE, add more of the gravy because I could eat just that with rice! 

So lucky that I live really close to this establishment but since it's so popular, it's still not that easy for me to get a table all the time. Reserve one well in advance so you aren't disappointed! LOCAVORE is located at # 10 Brixton Street, Pasig. Call 6329600 for a table. 

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